Revolutionizing Retail:

 Introducing FYBN – The Future of Gas Station Businesses


In a world teeming with innovations, the retail industry finds itself in a perpetual dance of transformation, seeking solutions that resonate with the changing times and evolving needs. It’s a realm where antiquated systems jostle for space amidst groundbreaking evolutions, highlighting a pressing need for a revolution—an evolution that heralds accuracy, reliability, and an unparalleled understanding of the nuances of retail businesses, specifically gas stations. The pressing question remains: Is the world ready to embrace a transformation that transcends the conventional and catapults the retail business domain into uncharted territories of excellence and unprecedented prosperity?

The retail industry, particularly gas station businesses, operate in a dynamic environment, with a myriad of challenges lurking in every corner. From valuation discrepancies to transaction complexities, owners grapple with myriad challenges that often translate into distressed sales or even total abandonment of properties. It is in this chaotic symphony of uncertainties and untapped potentials where the seeds of revolution find their fertile ground, echoing a dire need for a catalyst to bridge the gaping chasms and bring about a transformation that’s long overdue.

Enter FYBN App! Welcome to a revolution in the retail industry that stands as a beacon of transformative change. FYBN is not just an app; it’s the nation’s first AI-based Retail Business Sale Tool, a harbinger of a new norm in the sector. It’s a groundbreaking solution, meticulously designed to recalibrate the operational dynamics of gas station businesses. With a commitment to fostering unprecedented accuracy and reliability, FYBN App emerges as the touchstone of transformative change, rewriting the success narratives of retail business owners across the globe.

FYBN App materializes as a response to the latent needs of the retail business sector, providing almost accurate value estimations, imbued with a robust understanding of incomes, expenses, and various soft parameters. It stands as a testament to the amalgamation of technology and industry insights, aiming to eradicate the inefficiencies and inaccuracies rampant in the conventional systems. FYBN’s essence is rooted in empowerment, enabling business owners to traverse their entrepreneurial journeys with confidence, armed with the precision and reliability that were once considered elusive.

This revolutionary app is more than just a product; it’s a mission—a vision to democratize the retail business landscape. It seeks to dismantle the barriers and obliterate the inefficiencies that have long plagued the sector, providing a seamless path for buying and selling gas station businesses. With FYBN App, the realm of possibilities expands, and the horizons of the retail business sector extend, paving the way for a future brimming with opportunities and unprecedented growth.

The advent of FYBN marks the beginning of a new era in the retail industry, an era characterized by innovation, precision, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. It’s a journey of transformation, where every step forward is a step towards creating a legacy of change, a legacy that will resonate with future generations of retail business owners. FYBN is not just revolutionizing the industry; it’s crafting a future where every retail business owner has the power to shape their destiny and redefine their success stories.

As we usher in this transformative wave, we extend an invitation to you to be part of this groundbreaking journey. Embrace the revolution, witness the metamorphosis of the retail industry, and be a catalyst for change as FYBN App redefines the paradigms and elevates the standards of the retail business sector.

The Team

Embarking on a journey to revolutionize the retail business realm is an assemblage of minds marked by unwavering resolve, diverse experiences, and a unified vision to redefine industry paradigms. At the epicenter of this transformative endeavor stands Dilip Mooparakath, the pioneering spirit and the visionary fueling the drive behind FYBN App.

Dilip, a luminary in the domain, armed with an MBA and two decades of multifaceted experience, serves as the Founder and President of FYBN. With a moniker, “Nothing” Entrepreneur and Zero Capitalist, he orchestrates the symphony of change with profound acumen in technology and business. His experience spanning various pivotal roles has been the cornerstone, laying the foundations for FYBN’s unprecedented trajectory. The amalgamation of his extensive knowledge in Business and Commercial Real Estate has intricately woven the fabric of innovation and precision that defines FYBN App.

Collaborating closely with Dilip are stalwarts like Krrish Mooparakath, the Partner-Head of Monetization, harboring a distinctive flair for strategizing international business growth. With his insights, FYBN aims to expand its horizons, navigating the uncharted territories of international markets. Zuhed Khan, the maestro of technology, spearheads the technological facets of FYBN App. His 13 years of profound experience and certified proficiency have been instrumental in crafting a state-of-the-art app, resonating with reliability and excellence.

The collaborative symphony doesn’t just resonate within the borders of the USA; it extends, intertwining with off-site tech and sales maestros stationed in Canada and India. Every member, a virtuoso in their domain, contributes to painting the broader picture, aligning their passions and skills to bring forth a masterpiece that is set to reshape the landscapes of retail business sales.


Our team, a conglomerate of seasoned professionals, excels in negotiating and structuring transactions, bringing to the table unique industry knowledge and access to extensive financial resources. The ensemble’s cumulative experience and expertise have facilitated close to a billion dollars in various transactions since FYBN’s inception in 2012, assisting clients in navigating through acquisitions, divestitures, refinancing opportunities, and advanced capital structures.

The team’s commitment extends beyond mere transactional engagements; it’s a commitment to reimagining potentials, optimizing opportunities, and crafting a future that resonates with growth, excellence, and unprecedented success. It’s a convergence of visionaries, tech gurus, and strategists, each a beacon illuminating the path to a revolutionary transformation in the retail business sector.

With a shared dream and unparalleled dedication, this brigade of changemakers is not just building a product; they are crafting the future of retail business sales. They are the architects of a new dawn, where every gas station business owner can redefine their success stories, embrace their destinies, and soar to new heights in the evolving realms of retail businesses.

The Product

In a world dominated by technological advancements, the FYBN App emerges as a beacon of innovation, a confluence of precision and reliability, poised to redefine the paradigms of retail business transactions. It’s not merely a product; it’s a revolutionary solution meticulously crafted to address the intricacies of business value estimations and transactions in the retail sector, with a concentrated focus on gas stations.

FYBN App, a breakthrough in the realm of retail business sale tools, employs cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to yield almost accurate value estimations of businesses, intertwining a multitude of factors such as incomes, expenses, and various soft parameters. This meticulous amalgamation ensures unparalleled reliability and effectiveness, providing users with a seamless and trustworthy experience.

This transformative application delves deep into the subtleties of the retail sector, unravelling complexities and optimizing functionalities to facilitate ease in buying and selling. It embodies a spectrum of features meticulously designed to serve gas stations, ensuring every transaction is streamlined, every value estimation is precise, and every user experience is exemplary. The app stands as a testament to innovation, bridging gaps between business owners and potential buyers, fostering environments ripe for growth and success.

The essence of FYBN App lies in its relentless pursuit of excellence and precision. It’s a symphony of technological advancements and industry insights, harmonizing to create an environment where decisions are informed, transactions are transparent, and success is a tangible reality. The app resonates with the promise of simplifying complexities, offering a user-friendly interface coupled with a plethora of features aimed at demystifying the process of buying and selling gas stations.

Within the realms of FYBN App, users are empowered with tools that transcend conventional boundaries. The app offers a gateway to a world where transactions are not cumbersome processes but rather, opportunities for growth and exploration. It’s a world where reliability is not just a trait but a foundational pillar supporting every interaction, every decision, every step forward.

FYBN App’s relentless focus on gas stations delineates its commitment to addressing the specific needs and challenges of this sector. It’s an endeavor to bring forth solutions that are not generalized but rather, tailored to resonate with the distinct dynamics of gas station businesses. This concentrated approach amplifies the app’s impact, making it a quintessential partner for every gas station owner aspiring to carve their success stories in the evolving landscapes of the retail sector.

The inception of FYBN App marks the beginning of a new era, an era where accuracy meets reliability, where innovation converges with simplicity, and where every gas station business owner is equipped with the tools to navigate their journey with confidence and clarity. It’s a transformative journey, a journey marked by unparalleled insights, unyielding dedication, and an unwavering vision to redefine the norms and elevate the standards of the retail business sector.

FYBN App is not just changing the game; it’s rewriting the rulebook. It’s a journey into the future, a future where the realms of possibility are boundless, and the horizons of success are limitless.

Origin Story

The inception of FYBN App is a tale of innovation, deep insight, and a relentless pursuit to bring solutions to longstanding challenges in the C Store business sector. Recognizing the inherent inefficiencies and complexities in buying and selling these businesses, Dilip Mooparakath envisioned a platform that would simplify and streamline this process, ensuring business owners never face distress sales and property abandonment.

The story began with meticulous research to understand the unique demands and challenges of the gas station and convenience store industry. Dilip identified the top 15 compelling reasons why businesses sell, and this knowledge became the foundation for developing an efficient solution for business valuation and transactions. It was a mission to eliminate inefficiencies and bring reliable answers to business owners navigating the multifaceted landscape of selling their establishments.

A Catalyst for Investors:

The journey of FYBN App is rooted in a profound understanding of how high cash flow gas stations and convenience stores can offer numerous benefits to investors from various industries. These establishments are reservoirs of steady income streams, owing to the essential nature of fuel and everyday items. This constant inflow provides investors with a reliable and stable source of income, a precious commodity in the volatile world of business investments.

Diversification and Appreciation:

Understanding the importance of diversification in an investor’s portfolio, FYBN App became the beacon for reducing overall investment risks. It opened up avenues for investors to tap into the asset appreciation associated with the valuable real estate of gas stations, adding substantial value to an investor’s wealth over time. This was not just about transaction facilitation; it was about unlocking hidden potentials and value propositions in the sector.

Innovations and Opportunities:

The innovation of FYBN App also emanated from the realization that investors from other sectors could bring fresh, transformative perspectives, leading to operational efficiencies and increased profitability in gas station and convenience store operations. Moreover, it became a gateway for exploring franchise opportunities with established brands, offering a turnkey business model with robust support systems, an appealing prospect for many aspiring business owners.

Addressing Risks and Offering Solutions:

While FYBN App aims to spotlight the lucrative aspects of owning gas stations, it is equally pivotal in addressing the inherent risks involved. The platform accentuates the need for thorough due diligence, consideration of market trends, and professional advice, guiding investors through the varied market conditions, competition, and economic fluctuations, ensuring informed and strategic investment decisions.



Thus, the origin of FYBN App is not just a chronological tale of its inception; it is a multifaceted journey that intertwines innovation, strategic insights, investor benefits, and long-term solutions, offering a holistic approach to the challenges faced by business owners in the gas station and convenience store sector.

Project Plan & Schedule

Embarking on a journey of relentless innovation and global reach, FYBN is fervently charting a strategic roadmap, meticulously planned to set unprecedented benchmarks in the industry. With unwavering commitment and a vision set on global expansion, the ambitious plan is to infuse the team with top-notch talent, ensuring the infusion of fresh perspectives and diverse expertise, aimed at shaping FYBN as a holistic, universal solution in the realm of retail business sales.

Within the next six months, the focus is on consolidating a formidable legal team, a crucial step to navigate the intricate legal landscapes and ensure compliance with diverse international laws as FYBN burgeons across borders. This phase is pivotal for laying a robust foundation, fortifying FYBN’s capabilities to face the multifarious challenges of international expansion.

The 12-month milestone is marked by an aggressive expansion plan to encompass all 50 States, a monumental stride to imprint FYBN’s revolutionary solutions across the nation. This expansion is not just geographical; it’s about permeating diverse markets, understanding varied retail landscapes, and customizing solutions to resonate with the distinct needs of each state.

The 24-month timeline unveils FYBN’s aspirations to breach international borders, reaching out to the dynamic markets of Europe and APAC. This is the phase of transcending boundaries, of embracing the diversity of retail landscapes, and of evolving to meet the unique demands and challenges posed by varied economic ecosystems.

Every step in FYBN’s strategic roadmap is a leap towards establishing it as a universal solution, resonating with global needs, and rewriting the paradigms of retail business transactions.

Budget & Funding

We are looking for an investment of $15,000,000 over the next 6 months to market FYBN and enhance the app’s reach and downloads. The funds will be allocated meticulously to ensure optimal utilization in marketing, team expansion, and geographical enlargement.

Passion & Commitment

Dilip’s unwavering passion and the team’s relentless commitment are the driving forces behind FYBN’s mission to democratize the buying and selling of Cstore businesses, ensuring that every business owner has a profitable exit route and opportunities to venture into bigger and better Cstore businesses.

Rewards & Perks

Investors embarking on this transformative journey with FYBN will play a pivotal role in reshaping the retail business landscape, becoming catalysts for revolutionary change in the global retail sector. It’s not merely about experiencing financial gains but about actively contributing to industry innovation and witnessing the transformative impact of FYBN firsthand. With a promising 10% IRR, investors will not only reap substantial financial rewards but also experience the gratification of being integral to pioneering change in the industry.

Environmental Commitment

FYBN is resolutely committed to fostering environmental sustainability, recognizing the essential nature of ecological responsibility in today’s rapidly evolving world. Understanding the potential environmental implications associated with gas stations, FYBN strives to implement eco-friendly practices and supports innovations aimed at mitigating environmental impacts. The app encourages the integration of sustainable solutions such as alternative fuels and energy-efficient systems in gas stations, thereby promoting environmental conservation. Additionally, FYBN endorses adherence to stringent environmental compliance, safety, and health standards, aiming to reduce the ecological footprint of the retail business sector. This commitment reflects FYBN’s dedicated approach to amalgamating technological advancement with ecological preservation, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Risks and Challenges

Investing in gas station businesses presents a complex landscape of risks and challenges, necessitating meticulous consideration and analysis by potential investors. Economic conditions and fuel price volatility play a pivotal role, influencing revenues and affecting profit margins. The industry’s competitive nature and market saturation may limit growth opportunities and pressure pricing and margins. Regulatory compliance and environmental risks associated with Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) necessitate strict adherence to standards to avoid legal liabilities and fines. Evolving consumer trends and technology disruption are reshaping demand, requiring adaptability and strategic foresight. Security concerns, supplier relationships, operational challenges, and market volatility further complicate the investment landscape. It’s imperative for investors to undertake comprehensive due diligence, consider prevailing market conditions, consult industry experts, and seek legal and financial counsel to navigate these challenges effectively and make informed, astute investment decisions. The intricate interplay of these factors underscores the importance of a discerning approach to investing in gas station businesses, balancing potential rewards with inherent risks.

Call to Action

Join us in making history! Be part of the revolutionary change FYBN App is bringing to the retail industry. Invest in FYBN and contribute to creating a seamless, efficient, and prosperous future for gas station businesses globally.